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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

To know when your order will ship, refer to the chart below:

In Stock
These items will usually ship within 1 business day. 

These items are new releases that haven't arrived to us, but have schedule arrival dates usually within a month. Check back on the product page for exact estimated arrival dates. Keep in mind these dates are subject to change, but most pre-orders will come in within 30 days.

Expected Restocks

These items are high in demand items that we will be restocking, but aren't in stock yet. Check back on the product page for exact estimated arrival dates. Many of these items will come earlier than expected.

Special Order

These are items that we do not have in stock, but they are available for us to get. If ordered, these products will arrive to us with the next release for that company. For example. if you order a "Gemini Jets Special Order," it will come with the next release of Gemini Jets. These usually take 1-5 weeks to ship, depending on the cycle of that company's releases.

Future Releases

These are items that have been released by the manufacturer with no estimated arrival date. These could take anywhere from 1-12+ months to arrive, and we don't know when they will arrive. It is highly advised that future releases aren't ordered with other items, as this could severely delay your order. If you have ordered a future release, and would like your in stock items first, please contact us.


How do I modify, cancel, or return my order?

Refer to the Shipping & Return Policies.